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To lobby or not to lobby? New research club launches.

Picture courtesy of Alexander Kharlamov

Picture courtesy of Alexander Kharlamov

To lobby, or not to lobby? That is not the question. Determining the needs of UK business is a complex area, with changes to legislation coming thick and fast – some having the potential to impact on existing business models and sectors: energy, defence, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, fast moving consumer goods, UK manufacturing – to name just some of the areas high on the political agenda.To what extent should organisations flex, adapt and reinvent themselves to adjust to today’s dynamic and rapidly changing political landscape? To what extent should they fight to both resist and affect those changes to improve the likelihood of growth in their business? Both play an important role in the strategy process.

Lobbying is often portrayed as a guilty secret, best kept in the shadows – but if we are to enable the best possible political environment for UK business to prosper, this important activity needs to be developed to inform policy with evidence ‘from the shop floor’. Responsible, ethical and transparent government affairs strategies are key to this process. So the question is: How to lobby?

Cranfield School of Management and The Open University Business School – both highly ranked, triple-accredited business schools – are currently inviting expressions of interest in membership to a new Government Affairs Research Club.

The club and its corporate members seek to develop strategic foresight and practical strategic problem solving techniques which will enable the development of the voice used to communicate more persuasively with oversight bodies and government in general.

An inaugural symposium will take place on the 20th November at the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London for CEOs, Directors and Vice Presidents of Corporate Affairs, Government and Industry Affairs. Participating in this event will enable you to be a part of this important conversation and experience how you could enhance your firm’s government affairs strategies. The discussion will inform a White Paper that will be published in January 2015.

To be a part of this important conversation and to develop your government affairs strategy with this unique new club, visit the web page at


A customer at a time

Tim Crick, Managing Partner at Decblue explains how decisioning can enable firms large and small to make the most of every touchpoint – and the management challenges this creates, particularly with regards to strategy, culture and customer data.
More via CCMF blog post: Shepherding our customers along their journeys

Cranfield Customer Management Forum

Webcast: A transformation – my DBA story: Dr Peter Saxton

Dr Emma Parry, Director, International Executive Doctorate (DBA) and Reader in Human Resource Management welcomes a valuable contribution to this DBA webinar series by Dr Peter Saxton, DBA Alumnus (1999 cohort) & Owner-Director at Capstick Saxton Associates Ltd.

Having completed his DBA in 2003, Peter was one of the very first to undertake the programme at Cranfield, back in 1999, with a thesis entitled `The impact of consensus on performance in monopolistic supply situations in the air transport industry`, supervised by Dr David Partington, Prof Cliff Bowman and Prof Mark Jenkins.

In this webcast, Peter talks us through his research and DBA experience, explaining how it has contributed to his career so far. Professor Mark Jenkins contributes from a faculty support perspective.

Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA)

Next Doctoral Open Day – Monday 17th November 2014

Cranfield’s Top 40: Jun, Jul, Aug 2014

CranfieldTop40.jpgHere are the top downloaded pieces of content from the Cranfield Collection of E-Research throughout the months of June, July and August 2014.

No Title Author(s) Jun 2014 Jul 2014 Aug 2014 Total
1 Women directors on corporate boards: A review and research agenda Terjesen, Siri; Sealy, Ruth; Singh, Val 75 6670 10991 17736
2 Managing and measuring for value: the case of call centre performance Marr, Bernard; Neely, Andrew 865 762 745 2372
3 Corporate marketing and service brands – Moving beyond the fast-moving consumer goods model McDonald, Malcolm; de Chernatony, Leslie; Harris, Fiona 476 545 679 1700
4 What do we mean by corporate social responsibility? Moir, Lance 413 502 583 1498
5 The Impact of Regulation on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis. Jalilian, Hossein; Kirkpatrick, Colin; Parker, David 469 449 493 1411
6 The impact of board size on firm performance: evidence from the UK Guest, Paul M. 434 457 517 1408
7 A mixed method study of airline brand equity Nakaprasit, Ayudh 545 405 442 1392
8 Relationship marketing: bringing quality customer service and marketing together Christopher, Martin; Payne, Adrian; Ballantyne, David 433 401 508 1342
9 The Development and application of a bespoke organisational learning competency framework in a global organisation Tarrini, Mauro G. 559 378 357 1294
10 The Agile Supply Chain: Competing in Volatile Markets Christopher, Martin 424 412 446 1282
11 Towards a definition of a business performance measurement system Franco-Santos, Monica; Kennerley, Mike; Micheli, Pietro; Martinez, Veronica; Mason, Steve; Marr, Bernard; Gray, Dina; Neely, Andrew 378 370 398 1146
12 Thirty Years of Mergers and Acquisitions Research: Recent Advances and Future Opportunities Cartwright, Susan; Schoenberg, Richard 378 345 413 1136
13 Development and implementation of preventive-maintenance practices in Nigerian industries Eti, Mark C.; Ogaji, S. O. T.; Probert, S. D. 393 399 274 1066
14 Passengers’ perceptions of low cost airlines and full service carriers: A case study involving Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines. O’Connell, John F.; Williams, George 343 342 362 1047
15 The attitude behaviour relationship Mostyn, Barbara 336 291 395 1022
16 Dynamic capabilities: An exploration of how firms renew their resource base Ambrosini, Veronique; Bowman, Cliff; Collier, Nardine 394 300 305 999
17 Key Account Planning: Benefits, Barriers and Best Practice. Ryals, Lynette; Rogers, B 304 351 290 945
18 Airline Jet Fuel Hedging: Theory and practice Morrell, Peter; Swan, William 331 344 262 937
19 Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains of Global Brands: A Boundaryless Responsibility? Clarifications, exceptions and implications Amaeshi, Kenneth; Osuji, Onyeka Kingsley; Nnodim, Paul 308 278 263 849
20 Integrating deductive and inductive approaches in a study of new ventures and cutomer perceived risk Ali, Haider A. 236 266 334 836
21 The role of networks in the entrepreneurial process Birley, Sue 336 264 235 835
22 An analysis of the use and success of online recruitment methods in the UK Parry, Emma; Tyson, Shaun 96 287 449 832
23 Building the resilient supply chain Christopher, Martin; Peck, Helen 268 267 282 817
24 Relationship marketing: The six markets framework Payne, Adrian 296 205 308 809
25 Supply chain risk management: outlining an agenda for future research Juttner, Uta; Peck, Helen; Christopher, Martin 268 241 279 788
26 The impact of bundles of strategic human resource management practices on the performance of European firms Gooderham, Paul; Parry, Emma; Ringdal, Kristen 278 210 278 766
27 Warehouse design: A structured approach Baker, Peter; Canessa, Marco 219 287 230 736
28 Growth curve prediction from optical density data Mytilinaios, Ioannis; Salih, Magdi; Schofield, Hannah K.; Lambert, Ronald J. W. 210 307 211 728
29 Creating agile supply chains in the fashion industry Christopher, Martin; Lowson, Robert; Peck, Helen 206 234 285 725
30 Footsteps across time : the evolution, use and relevance of battlefield visits to the British Armed Forces Caddick-Adams, Peter 107 288 319 714
31 The Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria: From niche positioning to mass-market branding Maklan, Stan; Knox, Simon; Michel, Stefan 275 224 211 710
32 Segmentation and customer insight in contemporary services marketing practice: why grouping customers is no longer enough Bailey, Christine R.; Baines, Paul R.; Wilson, Hugh; Clark, Moira 210 285 205 700
33 Welding process impact on residual stress and distortion Colegrove, Paul A.; Ikeagu, C.; Thistlethwaite, A.; Williams, S.; Nagy, T.; Suder, Wojciech; Steuwer, A.; Pirling, T. 234 220 223 677
34 Feature based design for jigless assembly Naing, Soe 246 206 177 629
35 A dynamic theory of leadership development Mostovicz, E. Issac; Kakabadse, Nada K.; Kakabadse, Andrew P. 224 208 188 620
36 Evaluation of aluminium-based coatings for cadmium replacement Chalaftris, George 161 234 211 606
37 An investigation into the notions of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ held by senior UK airline executives and their perceptions of the causes of ‘success’ Beech, J. G. 171 210 212 593
38 Cost engineering: why, what and how? Roy, Rajkumar 185 213 178 576
39 Market segmentation: organizational archetypes and research agendas Jenkins, Mark; McDonald, Malcolm 194 165 206 565
40 Stakeholder engagement: A road map to meaningful engagement Jeffery, Neil 207 323 32 562
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