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Safety Leadership

Davidson R, Denyer D, Pilbeam C (2014) Safety Leadership.

More posters on risk management

Denyer D (2014) Leadership and decision making in safety-critical environments.
Goffin K, Hopkin P, Szwejczewski M, Kutsch E (2014) Roads to resilience: Building dynamic approaches to risk to achieve future success.
Ferrer J, Julien D (2014) Development of a risk assessment tool for the proactive management of Supply Chain risk.
Grayson D (2014) Board oversight of social, environmental and economic impacts.
Illin T, Varga L (2014) An actionable definition of systemic risk in financial services validated using data from the Icelandic financial system failure.
Kutsch E, Hällgren M, Denyer D (2014) K2 – Against All Odds: A journey into oblivion.
Marynissen H, Pieters S, Van Achte T (2014) Crisis Communication Work Process developed for Belgian Federal Government.
Montañés J, Julien D, Tjahjono B (2014) Interactive tool to assess SC1 risk for a food network which includes the 3BL2.
Tobias J, Pavlov A (2014) Which Swan is Yours? Fostering Individuals’ Resilience and Performance Through Mindfulness.
Wilding R (2014), The evolution of transformational research in Supply Chain Risk & Resilience.


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Cranfield Doctoral Colloquia – PhD & DBA: Jan-Mar 14

Mic200A summary of recent Doctoral Colloquia presentations – some of which are available to view via Adobe Connect recordings. Please click on the links provided.


Richard Allen told us about his performance management research in the Charity sector.

Charlotte Gascoigne: Title “A process model of the development of a part-time working arrangement for managers and professionals.”

Thora Thorgeirsdottir: Title “How does use of flexible work arrangements impact team effectiveness?”


Minjie Cai: Title “How do social connections get you an employee in Chinese banks?”

Shelly Chapman: Title “It’s Child’s Play: Fun, Fantasy and Food Advergames”

Anurag Tewari: Title “ Designing Robust Supply Networks : A Complex System’s View”

Our next Doctoral Colloquium will be held on on 16th May – volunteer presenters welcome. Please contact Dr Colin Pilbeam.

Cranfield’s Top 40: Jan, Feb 2014

CranfieldTop40.jpgHere are the top downloaded pieces of content from the Cranfield Collection of E-Research throughout the months of January and February 2014. Is it what you’d expect to see?

No Title Author(s) Jan 2014 Feb 2014 Total
1 The Impact of Regulation on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis. Jalilian, Hossein; Kirkpatrick, Colin; Parker, David 877 997 1874
2 Managing and measuring for value: the case of call centre performance Marr, Bernard; Neely, Andrew 726 918 1644
3 What do we mean by corporate social responsibility? Moir, Lance 648 676 1324
4 Corporate marketing and service brands – Moving beyond the fast-moving consumer goods model. McDonald, Malcolm; de Chernatony, Leslie; Harris, Fiona 550 513 1063
5 The Development and application of a bespoke organisational learning competency framework in a global organisation Tarrini, Mauro G. 432 502 934
6 Thirty Years of Mergers and Acquisitions Research: Recent Advances and Future Opportunities Cartwright, Susan; Schoenberg, Richard 444 481 925
7 The Agile Supply Chain: Competing in Volatile Markets. Christopher, Martin 386 512 898
8 Key Account Planning: Benefits, Barriers and Best Practice. Ryals, Lynette; Rogers, B 428 459 887
9 Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains of Global Brands: A Boundaryless Responsibility? Clarifications, exceptions and implications Amaeshi, Kenneth; Osuji, Onyeka Kingsley; Nnodim, Paul 357 530 887
10 Airline Jet Fuel Hedging: Theory and practice Morrell, Peter; Swan, William 374 511 885
11 Development and implementation of preventive-maintenance practices in Nigerian industries. Eti, Mark C.; Ogaji, S. O. T.; Probert, S. D. 444 435 879
12 Footsteps across time : the evolution, use and relevance of battlefield visits to the British Armed Forces Caddick-Adams, Peter 539 321 860
13 Towards a definition of a business performance measurement system Franco-Santos, Monica; Kennerley, Mike; Micheli, Pietro; Martinez, Veronica; Mason, Steve; Marr, Bernard; Gray, Dina; Neely, Andrew 455 402 857
14 Dynamic capabilities: An exploration of how firms renew their resource base Ambrosini, Veronique; Bowman, Cliff; Collier, Nardine 410 395 805
15 The impact of board size on firm performance: evidence from the UK Guest, Paul M. 424 376 800
16 Passengers’ perceptions of low cost airlines and full service carriers: A case study involving Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines. O’Connell, John F.; Williams, George 408 366 774
17 Building the resilient supply chain. Christopher, Martin; Peck, Helen 327 326 653
18 Supply chain risk management: outlining an agenda for future research. Jüttner, Uta; Peck, Helen; Christopher, Martin 287 364 651
19 Relationship marketing: The six markets framework Payne, Adrian 376 274 650
20 The attitude behaviour relationship Mostyn, Barbara 313 335 648
21 Strategic group theory: review, examination and application in the UK pharmaceutical industry. Leask, Graham; Parker, David 312 329 641
22 Post-combustion CO2 capture with chemical absorption: a state-of-the-art review Wang, Meihong; Lawal, Adekola; Stephenson, Peter; Sidders, J.; Ramshaw, C. 310 328 638
23 The impact of bundles of strategic human resource management practices on the performance of European firms Gooderham, Paul; Parry, Emma; Ringdal, Kristen 327 289 616
24 Relationship marketing: bringing quality customer service and marketing together Christopher, Martin; Payne, Adrian; Ballantyne, David 101 499 600
25 The role of networks in the entrepreneurial process Birley, Sue 304 279 583
26 Creating agile supply chains in the fashion industry. Christopher, Martin; Lowson, Robert; Peck, Helen 271 285 556
27 Capacity management in services and the influence on quality and productivity performance Armistead, Colin 251 293 544
28 An analysis of the use and success of online recruitment methods in the UK Parry, Emma; Tyson, Shaun 318 221 539
29 Welding process impact on residual stress and distortion Colegrove, Paul A.; Ikeagu, C.; Thistlethwaite, A.; Williams, S.; Nagy, T.; Suder, Wojciech; Steuwer, A.; Pirling, T. 242 288 530
30 The changing role of sales: viewing sales as a strategic, cross-functional process Storbacka, K; Ryals, Lynette; Davies, Iain A.; Nenonen, S 301 225 526
31 Integrating deductive and inductive approaches in a study of new ventures and cutomer perceived risk Ali, Haider A. 233 277 510
32 A dynamic theory of leadership development Mostovicz, E. Issac; Kakabadse, Nada K.; Kakabadse, Andrew P. 240 269 509
33 Can long-haul low-cost airlines be successful? Morrell, Peter 178 317 495
34 Growth curve prediction from optical density data Mytilinaios, Ioannis; Salih, Magdi; Schofield, Hannah K.; Lambert, Ronald J. W. 208 286 494
35 Low-cost PC-based high-fidelity infrared signature modelling and simulation Baqar, S 202 273 475
36 Cross-functional issues in the implementation of relationship marketing through customer relationship management Ryals, Lynette; Knox, Simon 204 233 437
37 Segmentation and customer insight in contemporary services marketing practice: why grouping customers is no longer enough Bailey, Christine R.; Baines, Paul R.; Wilson, Hugh; Clark, Moira 215 219 434
38 An Integrated Model for the Design of Agile Supply Chains. Christopher, Martin; Towill, Denis R. 209 203 412
39 Cost engineering: why, what and how? Roy, Rajkumar 200 198 398
40 Warehouse design: A structured approach. Baker, Peter; Canessa, Marco 210 185 395

Project SCALE: Innovation in Agri-Food Supply Chain Logistics

The following is a visual summary of the recent Project SCALE Conference “Innovation in Agri-Food Supply Chain Logistics” held at Cranfield University on 19th March.

Latest releases – Spring 2014

journals-pile_LoResJournal articles

Baker M & Bourne M (2014) A Governance Framework for the Idea-to-Launch Process: Development and Application of a Governance Framework for New Product Development, Research Technology Management, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 42-49.

Doh J, Lawton T, Rajwani T & Paroutis S (2014) Why your company may need a Chief External Officer, Organizational Dynamics (in press)

Dolan T, Howsam P, Parsons DJ, Whelan MJ & Varga L (2014) Identifying Adaptation Options and Constraints: The Role of Agronomist Knowledge in Catchment Management Strategy, Water Resources Management, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 511-526.

Kato J & Schoenberg R (2014) The impact of post-merger integration on the customer-supplier relationship, Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 335-345.

Kriechbaumer T, Angus A, Parsons DJ & Rivas Casado M (2014) An improved wavelet-ARIMA approach for forecasting metal prices, Resources Policy, vol. 39, pp. 32-41.

Papageorgiadis N, Cross AR & Alexiou C (2014) International patent systems strength 1998-2011, Journal of World Business (in press)

Reinmoeller P (2014) How to Win a Price War, MIT Sloan Management Review, Spring issue

Ülengin F, Önsel Ş, Aktas E, Kabak Ö & Özaydın Ö (2014) A decision support methodology to enhance the competitiveness of the Turkish automotive industry, European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 234, no. 3, pp. 789-801.

Conference papers

Bushnell I, Burke E, Kwiatkowski R & Kosinski M (2014) What’s so big about Big Data?. In: British Psychology Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, Brighton, 8-10 January 2014.

Marynissen H, Ladkin D, Denyer D & Pilbeam C (2014) A constitutive view on risk communication in organisations managing high-risk processes: Towards a conceptual framework. In: 23rd SRA-E Conference, Istanbul, 16-18 June 2014.

Gascoigne C & Kelliher C (2014) Why can’t professionals work part-time?. In: Work and Family Researchers Network Conference 2014, New York, 19-21 June 2014.

Thorgeirsdottir T & Kelliher C (2014) Rethinking groupwork in a digital world. Impact of flexible work arrangements on intra-workgroup relations: a systematic review. In: 30th EGOS colloquium, Rotterdam, 3-5 July 2014.

This post is populated with those items recently entered onto the Cranfield Research Information System (CRIS).
For Cranfield Management Research publications not available via CRIS, please comment here.

Annual Alumni Awards Ceremony 2014: Research Awards


Thursday 27th February saw the inaugural presentation of the Cranfield School of 
Management Research Awards at the Annual Alumni Awards Ceremony in London.

The awards aim to recognise research that meets both of the following criteria:

  • Is world-leading or internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and 
rigour and was published in a 3* or 4* journal in the last 12 months.
  • Addresses an important topic and has the potential to have impact on 
businesses, government and wider society.

The winners of these prestigious new awards for 2014 were:

Professor Andrew Burke and Dr Stephanie Hussels, for ‘How Competition Strengthens Start-ups’, Harvard Business Review

Earlier Cranfield research on the performance of business start-ups highlighted the stark reality that in markets most popular for start-ups, over 50% of new firms die before they reach their 3rd birthday. In this study, Professor Andrew Burke and Dr Stephanie Hussels discover a surprising remedy to help reduce these failures rates by applying a technique from medical science to business:

Exposing a business to a non-fatal dose of competition can become an effective immunisation against the threat of competition in the future. Furthermore, businesses can generate similar gains in performance by mimicking safe levels of competitive pressure through adopting a lean financial approach and using competitive benchmarking as a substitute for actual competition. This new finding regarding immunisation for business still supports the importance of strategies aimed at creating a competitive advantage or finding a new market space, but it does indicate that some exposure to the harsh realities of a competitive environment early in life is good for the long term health of an organisation.

Dr Liz Varga, for ‘Single infrastructure utility provision to households: Technological feasibility study’, Futures

This research paper is an example of a successful joint output from a collaborative project.

The paper looks 100 years into the future and evaluates potential unified multi-functional infrastructures described by vignettes.

The final form of the vignettes reflects the diversity of ideas held by the project team honed after much project scrutiny.

The four vignettes: city blood, solar globe, inter-tube and subterranea are potential all-in-one utility infrastructures using water, energy, transport and ventilation respectively to provide all utility needs to consumers.

Dr Jutta Tobias, for ‘Toward a theory of transformative entrepreneuring: Poverty reduction and conflict resolution in Rwanda’s entrepreneurial coffee sector’, Journal of Business Venturing

Having her work published in a top entrepreneurship journal has enabled Jutta to raise awareness about the profoundly beneficial and societal impact that entrepreneurship can have on poverty-stricken communities recovering from the aftermath of extreme violence and devastation.

Jutta comments: “I worked hard for this publication, and had to be quite resourceful to carry out an empirical field study on a shoe-string in a post-conflict zone where all open discussion of interethnic relations is harshly penalized by the authorities. But the rural Rwandans that I interviewed for this work are harder-working, and more resourceful, than any community I’ve ever come across (including academia!). They deserve an achievement award every day!”

Via Flickr:
Research Award winners:

Professor Andrew Burke and Dr Stephanie Hussels – ‘How Competition Strengthens Start-ups’. Harvard Business Review

Dr Liz Varga – ‘Single infrastructure utility provision to households: Technological feasibility study’. Futures

Dr Jutta Tobias – ‘Toward a theory of transformative entrepreneuring: Poverty reduction and conflict resolution in Rwanda’s entrepreneurial coffee sector’. Journal of Business Venturing

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